Playcentre Awareness Week 2016

The theme for Playcentre Awareness Week this year is Good, Clean, Fun. We're planning on celebrating and promoting Playcentre in style this year with a five day 'Become a Messy Play Expert' campaign.

How will it work?

We would like to see all 46 of our centres getting involved to celebrate and promote the wonder of Playcentre. The idea of the 'Become a Messy Play Expert' campaign is to encourage new families to visit Playcentre and have some messy play fun together with our current Playcentre whanau.

We will provide each centre with a number of A5 Messy Play Expert Passports to hand out to prospective new families. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage new families to come and enjoy some messy fun play with Playcentre whānau and tamariki.

How can you distribute the Messy Play flyers?

There are many ways you can get out and there and tell people about the Messy Play Expert campaign. Here are some ideas

  • Give a few to each Playcentre family to share with their friends and family.
  • Go for a walk about in your community and drop it into houses with families with young children.
  • Drop in to your local community places like Plunket, music groups, doctors, supermarkets etc  to tell them about the campaign.
  • Attend local events in your community and hand out to families with young children.

We will create some images for Facebook pages from the 15th of February.

The draw

All participants can enter into a draw to win a $40 Playcentre Shop voucher. They don't need to fill all the stamps to enter - one or more messy play experiences will gain them an entry into the draw. Participants can drop their entries at Playcentre or the Playcentre Shop. We will pick the entries up from the Playcentres or you can post it into the association.

How can you get the flyers?

We will distribute the flyers from the 15th of February. If you come into the office you are welcome to pickup your flyers. If you need more flyers you can download the flyer and print it.

We look forward to celebrating and promoting Playcentre with you!

A copy of this information will also be emailed out to all gmail accounts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Anna on 021471474 or

Nga Mihi 


Posted: Monday 4 January 2016