Course 4

The Ti Kouka (Cabbage Tree) is a bit of an icon/symbol in Canterbury.  It has the ability to re-sprout from the base after being cut down - perhaps this is why it is used as a boundary marker and marker of burial grounds and other sacred/tapu places.

Ti Kouka is found in the Canterbury plains and is used for clothing, especially sandals.

Ka whati te ki, ka wana te ti, ka rito te ti
The ti that is broken down sends forth a young shoot 
that develops and forms a new crown of leaves

  • On completion of Course Four you will be able to lead a Playcentre session together with a person holding a completed Course One Certificate of the Playcentre Education Diploma.
  • This is an exciting step in your Playcentre journey
  • To work closely together with the whanau/parents/caregivers of the children in your centre and following the development of the little ones is a rewarding task and will add experience and enhance your life.
  • Course Four of the Playcentre Education Diploma aims to develop student competence in the skills required to ensure effective centre practice.

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