Laundry Time

Laundry Time

Soaking stains is part of parenthood. But Beverley Laundry isn't usually too fussy when it comes to ‘Playcentre clothes’.

Oscar’s mum, Beverley Laundry, knows all about the soaking routine that follows a colourful morning at Playcentre. ‘The clothes go straight into the bucket’, she smiles. But, in spite of her name, Beverley says that doing the laundry is not something she enjoys. ‘I leave that to my husband!’

After his special experience with Keeley – a real pilot, and an awesome Playcentre dad – Oscar wore the pilot’s shirt every session. But ‘Pilot Oscar always managed to lean across at least one painty table during his shift’, Beverley explains, ‘and by the end of each session it was trashed’.

Now, ordinarily, Beverley wouldn’t worry so much about removing stains from ‘Playcentre clothes’ - after all, the paint stains are like badges of a great day of play. However the shirt belonged to Playcentre and she wanted to preserve its longevity so other children could enjoy it.

She recalls the rigmarole they went through after each session: ‘The shoulder boards weren't colour safe so my poor husband had to figure out a way of soaking the bottom in napisan and rinsing it out all while keeping the shoulders dry. This involved pegs and a watering can.’

After two weeks of trying to keep the shirt clean and sneaking it back onto the Playcentre rack for other kids to enjoy, Beverley decided to get creative and make another one. Oscar loved it at first, but ultimately decided the official one was much better. Which means many more delicate soaking missions ahead for Mr Laundry!  

Soaking clothes is part of being a mum (or a dad). But, when it comes to ‘Playcentre clothes’, the Laundrys don’t worry too much about the marks that won’t wash out. 

Badges of a great day’s play, these stubborn stains reflect the indelible memories that Playcentre creates. 

By Kate Barber

Laundry Time

Posted: Monday 18 April 2016