Term 2 Week 2

Term 2 Week 2

Kia ora koutou

Celebrating another week of beautiful weather. In this panui you can read about


Do you want your centre to get noticed? Join in the #runningmanchallenge craze. Make a short video of your centre whānau and tamariki doing the #runningmanchallenge and post it Facebook. Let's show the world how Playcentre people do it!


This year Matariki will begin on 6 June 2016.

How will your centre celebrate Matariki?

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Extending older tamariki at Playcentre

At Playcentre we need to learn more about emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum as a thoughtful response to children's play to encourage more complex play. At Playcentre 'on the hop responses' are often referred to as emergent curriculum, but emergent curriculum is so much more than on the hop responses. This is a great video about emergent curriculum used well. Thanks to our low ratios and having a wide range of experts in our centres, we are very well suited to deliver amazing emergent curriculum enquiries. I'd love to see a nationwide enquiry about how we can support our children's learning with emergent curriculum programmes.

Click here to learn more about emergent curriculum.

How do we make Te Whāriki visible in Playcentre?

Playcentres are often asked how they link their work in Playcentre to Te Whāriki. Are you expected to make overt links by writing a strand and a goal on each learning story or can we achieve this in different ways?

Click here to read about how to make Te Whāriki visible in your centre.

Prebbleton Playcentre connects with their community

At the start of the year, the families at Prebbleton Playcentre decided that making themselves more recognisable in the community was a top priority. What they discovered was that there were other groups in the community eager to connect. They invited the local Walking Group in for a cuppa and to play with the kids, and now plan on joining them for a walk in the autumn leaves.

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Bug play workshop

This workshop explores early literacy, movement, science, construction (bug hotel) and creativity around the amasing world of bugs. Very cool workshop. Register on our website.

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Education workshops

All the Term 2 programmes are now out. Be quick with your bookings. Limited spaces available.

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  - Adrian Grenier

Posted: Friday 6 May 2016