Term 2 Week 3

Term 2 Week 3

Old (Matt) McDonald loves to play

Eighteen years ago a terrible work accident left Matt Mcdonald in a coma. His long road to recovery involved relearning the fundamentals like swallowing, speaking and walking. Eighteen months ago Matt joined Woolston Playcentre with daughter Portia-Rose, and found a place offering friendship and new opportunities. He also discovered that he did not need to re-learn how to play!

Read Matt's story here.

If you like Matt's story, and you have a story about someone at your centre making a difference or doing cool things at Playcentre let Kate Barber know. She would love to tell your story.

Child Initiated vs Parent Directed?

Is the way we teach at Playcentre really Child initiated vs Parent directed?  Is it one or the other?  Are parents ‘directing’?  Are children always ‘initiating’?  There seems to me a coming and going, a to-ing and fro-ing that goes on, between the child and the adult, between the children.

Read Marina Blanchard from Cust West Eyreton Playcentre thoughts on this topic.

If you would like to share your Playcentre ponderings with other Playcentres email it to Dalene Mactier to be shared on this website.

Creative play: In praise of getting messy

"Professor Kay Margetts, an associate professor in early childhood studies at Melbourne University, says craft activities that involve children copying precisely a model presented by the teacher risk stifling creativity and imagination, as well as deterring children from experimenting with materials and learning new techniques."

At Playcentre we've been getting messy and promoting creative play for 75 years. Read the article here.

Employment at Playcentre

Please remember that we must follow the employment process in all cases, if we are employing a Co-ordinator.  It is a legal requirement that we have completed a safety check on all those who are employed to work with children prior to commencing employment.  This also includes a police vet that can take two to three weeks to process.

Please contact your centre support person when you are wishing to appoint an new Co-ordinator or if you have any questions.

Bulk funding support

If you would like support completing your RS7 forms Kirsty Brown will be available Wednesday 25th May, 9am-2.30pm, at the Association Office. Please phone/txt Kirsty on 0211472904 to make a time and bring in your RS7 form, daily registers for term one and two (completed) and data on children on 20 hours (ie days and hours allocated to centre)

Governing Council Hui

The Governing Council Hui is on Wednesday 18 May 5.30. See the agenda here. Anyone is welcome to attend this hui.

Fire Drills

Next week (23rd-27th May) is the week to complete your fire drills - please complete and add your data here or email the data to kirsty@canplay.org.nz

Education workshops

All the Term 2 programmes are now out. Be quick with your bookings. Limited spaces available.

Click here to book your workshops.

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"Storytelling also can be a powerful catalyst for change. We need to tell more stories about the times when it all came together – when the people around us got it ..."

Sharon Sobol Jordan

Posted: Monday 16 May 2016