Yellow and Bright and At The Centre

Yellow and Bright and At The Centre

Six months ago, Stephen and Lindita moved from Dublin, Ireland, to Belfast, Christchurch, with their son Samuel (3) and baby daughter Deborah. With Lindi’s family in Albania and Stephen’s in Ireland, they launched into a new life in New Zealand – without the on-hand support of family and friends. In a time of transition – and waiting on the arrival of a container full of toys – Playcentre came to the rescue, offering stability, support and friendship for the whole family! 

For three-year-old, Samuel, Belfast Playcentre is yellow and bright and shimmering with excitement – “like the sun”. And, like the sun, it shines at the centre of his world. Lindi shares her story about what Playcentre means to her family.

We contacted Belfast Playcentre and the response was so prompt and warm that we could not wait to visit. As Julie, the session coordinator, gave me a tour, I was “wowed” by the space, the variety of activities available and how well equipped the centre was. Meanwhile my three-month-old took a nap in the Playcentre cot and my three-year-old started digging in the sandpit!

Looking back over the last six months, Stephen and I feel so grateful that we were able to walk in with our kids and feel at home. We were a bit nostalgic as we approached our first Paddy’s Day abroad, and we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves without having a parade to go to; but, as we arrived at Playcentre that morning, we felt like there was a Paddy’s Day Party there just for us.

Leading up to the big move we had worried about what it would be like without grandparents to call on for support. Knowing that Samuel, our son, can be in a happy place if we ever have to dash to the doctors, for instance, gives us great peace of mind. Above all, going through this parenting journey with other families who live in the same area really makes us feel that we are not alone!

Arriving in a new city without knowing anyone, Belfast Playcentre provided our little ones with an incredibly safe place for making new friends and getting messy, while learning - with parents involved. There have been a number of firsts for our little ones over the months at Playcentre and we look forward to their folders getting chubbier with pictures and moments recorded. This will be such a treasure for them for the rest of their lives.

One morning as we were walking towards Playcentre Samuel said with great excitement: “There is the Playcentre! It’s yellow, like the sun!” Indeed Playcentre has brought so much brightness and warmth into our family in a stressful time of transition.

And, as we drive around, our son always points out, with a big smile, “there is the Playcentre!” We enjoy seeing our children map out this new city with their Playcentre at the centre.

By Grateful Parents, Lindita and Stephen 











Yellow and Bright and at the Centre

Posted: Wednesday 10 August 2016