Monster Sale, Amazing Gift

Monster Sale, Amazing Gift

On August 27, Landsdowne Terrace and Linwood Playcentres together held a monster garage sale, with Landsdowne Terrace gifting their share of the $1700 raised to Linwood Playcentre.

The idea for a giant garage sale took root during a Course 4 workshop, as parents talked with passion about their respective centres. Then, at their next meeting, the parents at Landsdowne Terrace leapt from the idea of hosting the garage sale to donating the bulk of the proceeds to their ‘friends’ at Linwood – families they hadn’t even met, but had heard so much about.

‘The families at Linwood are active and positive, and incredibly supportive of each other’, says Landsdowne Terrace President, Rosemary Brooks, ‘and this was one way we could support them’.

Families from both centres donated quality goods that they no longer wanted. ‘We also asked our past members whether they had anything they wanted to contribute’, says Rosemary. Of the vast assortment donated, there were household appliances, clothing and exercise equipment, as well as kids’ tables and chairs, cots and a change table. Unsurprisingly, there was also a mountain of books, puzzles and toys. 

Danya Hayward and Leah McKenzie from Linwood Playcentre were among the helpers on Saturday morning. ‘The families at Landsdowne Terrace were so “onto it”’, says Danya, ‘which was great because it was a really busy morning’.

For the families at the two centres the garage sale presented the opportunity to ‘play shop’ and generate funds, as well as pick up some treasures along the way. For Rosemary, ‘it was great finding some new (secondhand) books and puzzles for the kids’. 

While some of the outdoor play equipment went for $70, Rosemary says that most of the goods sold for a few dollars apiece. With that in mind, $1700 is an impressive total – reflecting the amount of stuff donated as well as the number of people out hunting for bargains (or treasures) ... which, clearly, they found!

‘To think that they were gifting the money to us was quite amazing’, says Danya. ‘We were 100% overwhelmed by their generosity – not just the money, but the effort and the energy that they all put in.’

‘Of the things we had donated’, shares Dayna, ‘there was a dress-up display rack, and the parents at Landsdowne Terrace asked how much we wanted for it. Obviously, after their generosity to us, we wanted them to have it – for free. It was crazy thinking of them paying for it when they were doing this wonderful thing for us.’

Indeed it can be overwhelming to be on the receiving end of such generosity. But Rosemary is quick to point out that the garage sale was incredibly rewarding because it brought people together and ‘was so much fun’, and because it was an opportunity to do something nice for others.   

For the families involved, the occasion was about more than simply the exchange of stuff. In fact, the real ‘find’ of the morning was the passion and enthusiasm that families from Landsdowne Terrace and Linwood share for Playcentre, and the incredible generosity of one centre as it supported the other. 

Monster Sale, Amazing Gift

Posted: Tuesday 13 September 2016