Term 1 Weeks 1-4

Term 1 Weeks 1-4

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to 2017! Hope you all had a lovely holiday. We're barely started this term and already there is much happening. See this panui about what's going on in Playcentre.

The Greatest Game of Tag

This term we are celebrating the Greatest Game of Tag. The Greatest game of Tag was born out of the ambitious plan to walk from Kaikoura to Akaroa stopping at all of our 46 Playcentre centres. Papatūānuku put a bit of stumbling rocks in our way, but we're still celebrating, we're still going from centre to centre, just not all on foot. Each centre can decide whether they want to go on foot, by train, by boat or wheels as long as they get to the next centre. There is a route so talk to your Centre Support or anna@canplay.org.nz to make sure you've got the route sorted.

Help us to spread the word by liking our The Greatest Game of Tag Facebook page and use the #tag2play in all our social media posts. We want the world to know about The Greatest Game of Tag.

We're also planning on paying it forward and raising funds for Variety to help all Kiwi kids thrive. We will send you more information about the fundraising campaign this week.

The Greatest Game of Tag Launch Party

Are you coming to the launch party. Come and join us for a bit of fun and share the Playcentre aroha with our Kaikoura Playcentre whānau in Kaikoura on Children’s Day to celebrate Playcentre with the launch of the Greatest Game of Tag. RSVP here.

Doing Course 2

At the end of 2016 I finally completed Course 1, Playcentre’s introductory course for recently enrolled parents. Ambitiously, I had signed up to cram Course 2 into the last week or so of the summer holidays. Now it had arrived I wondered what on earth I was thinking, giving up precious child free time to learn. Why didn’t I just go to the movies and eat two chocolate covered ice creams? Actually, I love learning and I love Playcentre. Who am I kidding?

Making magic at St Albans

Over the last week or so, the Canterbury Playcentre Association has been delivering jars of baking ingredients to local centres. Contained in the jars is almost everything needed to create magic Playcentre bliss balls, a delicious and easily made raw snack. The idea is to inspire some delectable play and to promote The Greatest Game of Tag, which is part of upcoming Playcentre Awareness Week events. Leah from St Albans Playcentre filled me in on the magic that went down at their centre earlier in the week.

Lead with Aroha

Are you in a leadership at your centre or simply passionately interested about this whole Playcentre thing? This leadership programme might be for you. We're hosting a new leadership programme in Term 1 and 2 this year. You will build on your strengths and nurture your inner leader As a leader in Playcentre you support parents and whānau in your centre. Strong leadership is a key element in quality Playcentre sessions. In this programme we will explore 6 key leadership themes based on the Mason Durie whānau capacities framework over 8 sessions. Each session will include an opportunity to discuss the leadership theme, reflect on your own leadership strategies, and develop strategies to build your leadership competence. The programme will start on Tuesday 28 February and will continue into Term 2. Book here if you are interested. This programme will be in the evenings for 7-9 pm. If you are interested in attending a leadership programme instead on Tuesday mornings email dalene@canplay.org.nz.

To do list for Term 1

  • Philosophy Statement and Bicultural Statement - please go through these at your next hui, update, and send into the Association - to office@canplay.org.nz. If you would like any support with this please contact me.
  • Fire drills - due to some exciting happenings this term, I have decided to postpone these from week 4 until week 8 - please complete these during the week of the 20-24th March. Please write these dates in your daily register and on your notice board as a reminder - however I will send out a reminder later in the term, along with the google link.
  • Earthquake drills - please complete these in the next two or three weeks - NOT the same week as your fire drills.
  • Health and Safety - please complete the daily checks 'daily' and don't forget that termly check. Make sure your hazard forms are up to date, and that your current hazard form is displayed.
  • First Aid Certificates a reminder that we require all Coordinators to have a current first aid certificate. Please, once you have completed a refresher, send in a copy to me at kirsty@canplay.org.nz. A photo of your certificate is fine. These must be displayed at your centre.
  • Supervision Approval/Ministry of Education Licences  - please check these are correct and displayed. Please contact me otherwise.
  • Finances - thanks to everyone for completing their bulkfunding forms and getting these into me, and thanks to those you who had to answer my phone calls/text/emails over the holidays and for getting back to me so promptly! A reminder to send in your monthly financial and bank statements into the Association - again, email is fine.
  • TELEPHONE - bold because this is important!! please make sure that you have a working/topped up/charged phone available at your centre on every session.

and lastly:
Maintenance/out door alterations & additions: if you have any questions or need support, please contact me. A reminder that for any maintenance work I must be contacted prior, and have quotes before work commences. If it is urgent (ie must be fixed yesterday) maintenance please contact either myself, or the office, however, quotes are not necessary.

Have a great term

MOE Discretionary applications

Please note Julie Gibbons has left the local MoE office and in the meantime 
Ruth Fleming is our contact person for centres who need to apply for discretionary day/s (not meeting person responsible requirement) for funding purposes.

Ruth's direct dial number will be 378 7753 from 16 February 2017.   Up to this date please email applications - ruth.fleming@education.govt.nz

The Ministry of Education would like to remind all centres that you need to plan ahead as far as possible for any absences, if known.

A further reminder for centres to also inform CPA and send documentation to Kirsty - kirsty@canplay.org.nz, not directly to MoE Christchurch.   Documentation that CPA requires can be located in the front of centre daily sign-in books.

See whats on in the wider world

Looking for something interesting to do? Check what's on in the wider world.

Fundraising opportuntities

Are you looking for new fundraising opportunities? Look here for ideas.

Posted: Monday 20 February 2017