Panui No. 8 2017

Panui No. 8 2017

Canterbury Playcentre Association General Meeting

Save the Date - Tuesday 4 July, Hagley Community College Cafeteria @ 7.30pm.  The theme will be Matariki.  Please let your CST know if your centre would like to share some part of your centre journey. Papers for this meeting will be sent out shortly.

Education Matters


There is plenty happening in the Adult Education programme - there are several Course two blocks at different centres and Course 3 has been happening over the last couple of weekends too.

It is our aim to provide the education programme so as many as possible can have good access to the information and be successful.  If your centre would like to host a course 2 block in the future we need to know. All applications for term 3 need to be in by 9 June to be considered.  Please click here for the application form.

There is also the opportunity for a centre to hold a "Winter Break Programme" - this is where an intensive training course 2 block is rolled out at a centre over the holiday break.  If your centre is interested in upskilling everyone in short time frame, then this is for you!  Any thing is possible!  Email

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

In Playcentre we recognise that everyone had a range of experiences and knowledge before parenting and that this prior learning contributes to the richness of the Playcentre experience. Members’ prior learning is recognised and valued in a range of ways, of which giving credit to workshops and assessment tasks is just one way. However, many people see Playcentre workshops as an awesome opportunity for professional development and this fits well with the concept of Ako -  at times you are the learner and at times you are the teacher - in the Maori world view.

Playcentre workshops aim to provide you an opportunity to learn about Playcentre and develop a deeper understanding about how things work. While the content of a workshop may not be new information to you, it’s worth considering your general understanding of Playcentre. Do you have a good grasp on Playcentre, or will you gain by talking to others about Playcentre or could others learn from your experience?

Please consider these points before applying for RPL.  If your qualifications are current and you still feel you should apply, please email  You will need to supply a copy of your qualification certificate and all transcripts along with an explanation of where you believe you may receive credit.

Applications must be received before you begin the course.

Greatest Game of Tag and Variety

Does your centre still have raised funds to be donated to Variety?  This can be done either by popping into the bank or deposit online to the CPA GGOT account - 03 0823 0350 562 05, or bring to the office and we can arrange the deposit for you.  Please reference your centre and GGOT so these funds are attributed to your centre's fundraising efforts when transferred to Variety.

Baby Expo - 10-11 June

This expo is happening 10-11 June, all day at Pioneer Stadium - Lyttleton Street.  Our Babies Canply team will have a stand there to let everyone know about this wonderful programme.

Playcentre is also running the creche at the venue.

Get along and have a look at what's on offer.

Playcentre Calendar and Journals

Playcentre 2017/2018 Journal & 2018 Calendar Order Form
Calendar $8, Journals $2.00 per issue (3 issues per year).

All centres were posted an order form on the 12th of May.  Orders are due back at the Association by Wednesday 7 June please.  Methods of return are - emailed to; posted to PO Box 7787, Sydenham, Christchurch 8240 or hand delivered, thank you.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills for term 2 – please send the duration and times/dates of your term 2 fire drills to

Property Upkeep

It  is that time of year when our properties require just a bit of care to ensure they get through the colder months.

There have been reports of damage to a couple of buildings recently by either mice or rats. Please check for sign of the little creatures and address if necessary.

Autumn is such a pretty time of year, but not so good for the spouting, please ensure the gutters/spouting are cleaned out so that they will cope with any downpour.

Give the heatpump filters a clean. This will save on the power bills.

Posted: Monday 29 May 2017