Panui No.9 2017

Panui No.9 2017


How are you celebrating Matariki - this very special time of year?

See what's on at the Christchurch library

Inspiration for Matariki

Last week St Albans Playcentre hosted a timely play workshop. Promoted as an ‘Inspiration for Matariki’, the session was themed around the celebration and facilitated by Jen Wells from the Canterbury Playcentre Association.

Read more about it here

Association General Meeting

Save the Date - Tuesday 4 July, Hagley Community College Cafeteria @ 7.30pm.  The theme will be Matariki.  Please let your CST know if your centre would like to share some part of your centre journey. Papers for this meeting have recently been distributed - please check your mailbox or gmail account for these documents.  Call the office if you have not received these.

Please come to sparkle and shine together.

All Things Education

Woohoo Cust/West Eyreton Playcentre!

Not only is the Education programme designed to give parents skills and knowledge to manage their own Playcentres and run quality sessions but another goal is to ensure sustainabilty of centres.  To achieve this it is necessary for all parents to be involved in ongoing training when the time is right.

Cust/West Eyreton recently held a really sucessful course two block in their centre - 100% completion rate of all attendees!! Awesome stuff Cust/West Eyreton.  So I guess the challenge has been laid down - Which centres are willing??  Let the workshops begin!

Talk to Education or CST people if your centre is ready for the challenge!!

Keep an eye on the website for all the upcoming workshops on offer. 


There are many changes taking place with the introduction of this new  electronic enrolment system for our tamariki.  Our staff are working hard to understand this new system and keep centres up to date with requirements.  At present the biggest challenge seems to be that every child must produce an identification document - this can either be a birth certificate or passport.  These can be copied, scanned or photographed on your smart phone and emailed to Kirsty -

Quiz Night Fundraiser

Any one for a rematch? Keen to challenge the Avonhead Old Schoolers?  Clarkville Playcentre are holding a quiz night and would love your support - click here for further details.

Posted: Monday 12 June 2017