Every Playcentre has a story. Discover our many stories here.: May 2017

  • Christchurch’s Playcentre shop is tucked away in a quiet-ish corner of Sydenham. I popped in on a miserably cold Autumn afternoon thinking that I would peruse the shelves, chat to the staff, and leave ready to write a sweet little story about the experience. I’ve always been a fan, there’s no denying that. I could write a long list of reasons to go there without thinking twice. However this time I came away from my not-so-brief visit with a much deeper appreciation for the shop and its valuable role in the Canterbury Playcentre community.
    Posted: 23/5/2017
  • Communities are built and strengthened through the sharing of kai. Whether it’s something made at home, or something snatched from the shelves of the supermarket in a hurry, the gift of food is always appreciated. There’s no better time to share food than in a period of transition and need. At Playcentre, providing home cooked meals to families with newborns reduces the stress so that everyone can focus on making the new addition feel welcome.
    Posted: 8/5/2017