Every Playcentre has a story. Discover our many stories here.: June 2017

  • Dunsandel is a tiny farming town on the Canterbury Plains, just south of the Selwyn River. Because the local population is so small, sustaining the Playcentre takes a lot of effort. But that didn’t stop Dunsandel from putting in a stunning 17km leg in the recent Greatest Game of Tag. Katharine, the secretary at Dunsandel Playcentre, describes some of her experiences belonging to such a small centre.
    Posted: 30/6/2017
  • Earlier this month I was lucky enough to visit South Brighton Playcentre’s recently established Thursday bilingual session. I was curious to know how it differed from other Playcentre sessions, and hoped to be inspired by the truly bicultural partnership happening there.
    Posted: 19/6/2017
  • Last week St Albans Playcentre hosted an timely play workshop. Promoted as an ‘Inspiration for Matariki’, the session was themed around the celebration and facilitated by Jen Wells from the Canterbury Playcentre Association.
    Posted: 11/6/2017
  • Traditionally dads have made up a minority of parents on session. Oxford Playcentre dad and centre Co-president, Salvo, is one of many fathers actively changing this. His enthusiasm for Playcentre is boundless, and he’s keen to see more dads get involved.
    Posted: 1/6/2017