Every Playcentre has a story. Discover our many stories here.: August 2017

  • In the July school holidays - when the weather was particularly miserable and most people were shuttered up inside - a group of Landsdowne Terrace Playcentre families opted for something a little bolder, a trip together into the Canterbury foothills.
    Posted: 25/8/2017
  • For many families with young children, Playcentre is a much loved part of everyday life. For parents it provides a community, a support network, and a steadfast sense of belonging. For tamariki, it’s one of the few places where they can meet, play and explore freely.
    Posted: 8/8/2017
  • The chances of having twins are about 1 in 33. The chances of having three sets of twins in the same small Playcentre are considerably more remote. At Lincoln Playcentre, however, this phenomenon is a weekly occurrence.
    Posted: 1/8/2017