Centre management advice and support

This section of the website is for current centre members to help you manage your centres. Here you will find the weekly panui, information about centre management and a forum to discuss all things Playcentre.

Playcentres are registered Early Childhood Education centres and as such must comply with the Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education and Care Services 2008. The Ministry of Education website provide guidance to centres in meeting the criteria.

Centres must ensure that the regulations described within the Policies of the Canterbury Playcentre Association are complied with. Some key regulations are:

  • Supervision requirements are met—please refer to Supervision Approval Policy.
  • Children may be enrolled from 0-6 years.
  • A licensed centre may claim bulk funding from the Ministry of Education for the number of children enrolled for each approved session (as per the Supervision Approval Policy), in accordance with the guidelines in the Early Childhood Funding Handbook. ECD funding is available to unlicensed centres.
  • Children cannot attend consecutive sessions within a single day.
  • Each session shall be at least two and a half hours in length, and may not be more than four hours. All equipment and resources must be available for the whole of the time that the session has been licensed for, in order for the session to be recognised for funding.
  • The centre shall operate during the primary school year but is not limited to this.
  • Children may not be enrolled for the same session times at two or more early childhood services.
  • Whānau/parents/caregiver must stay with a new child for at least the first three sessions, to ensure that the child is comfortable on session. This is required even when a child is on transfer from another centre, or from another session with a different group of families enrolled, or a different coordinator. If it is believed a child will benefit from further whānau/parent/caregiver attendance, this time will be extended.
  • A child under 2 1/2years must be accompanied by whānau/parent/caregiver at all times while at Playcentre.