The Fish Award!

As a way to recognise those centres who have supported their parents to complete training, we started the prestigeous "Fish Award".

The award is based on the Fish philosophy developed by the Seattle Fish Market where a change in attitude saw the industry thrive and even turn into a tourist destination. It's about play, having fun, choosing attitude and making things happen.  

Each AGM and GM we work out which centre has completed the most training and wins 'The Fish', which stays at their centre and is enjoyed by the children until the next round. We encourage the centre who is handing over the award to make a fun presentation.... 


Winners of the November 2015 and June 2016 Award enjoying the spoils of their success at Prebbleton Playcentre!

Here is the Fish board as presented at the General Meeting in June 2016. If your centre is not in the top 10, make it happen and contact the education team to discuss pathways.