Playcentre is...

A place where people come together. A space for children from 0-6 to learn and grow. An opportunity – for kids and for grown-ups – to play!

Playcentre follows the New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum, Te Whariki, and is recognised and funded by the Ministry of Education. But Playcentre differs from other Early Childhood Education providers.

Playcentre values and celebrates the roles of parents and families in children’s lives. Sessions are run by parents, often with the support of a coordinator, and children develop strong connections with other children and adults. The mixed-aged dynamic promotes learning (and fun!), and means that children develop a greater awareness of each other. 

Playcentre is an opportunity to stop. To try something new. To play! 

Pop along to a centre near you to meet the people and to get a feel for what it’s all about. Watch this video to get a sense of what you might expect on your first visit.