Association support

Centre support team

The centre support team is the main link with association. Each centre is allocated a centre support team member to provide advice and support to the centre. The centre support team work responsively to support the centre. Regular centre support will involve

  • Building relationships with the centre whānau learning how best to support the centre whānau.

  • Upholding Playcentre philosophy and role model the co-operative nature of the organisation.

  • Providing a link between the Playcentre and the Association.

  • Supporting the centre whānau to use self review as a tool to ensure quality sessions for tamariki.

  • Assisting centres in planning for the future and implementing a strategic plan.

  • Providing advice and support to centre whānau about office bearer roles and general management of the centre.

  • Helping centre whānau with their assessments for the Playcentre Diploma.

  • Fulfilling the human resource responsibilities with regard to the employment of coordinators.

  • Providing advice and support to tamariki and whānau with special needs.

Administration support

The Association can provide support in the following administrative areas:

  • Finance, including bulk funding and budgets

  • Statistics

  • Health & Safety requirements including fire & emergency evacuation procedures

  • Property & maintenance checks

  • Review of policies and practices

  • Meeting government requirements/compliance

Contact the association or your centre support team member for any other assistance.