Quality play and learning experiences

  • Is the way we teach at Playcentre really Child initiated vs Parent directed? Is it one or the other? Are parents ‘directing’? Are children always ‘initiating’? There seems to me a coming and going, a to-ing and fro-ing that goes on, between the child and the adult, between the children.
    Posted: 16/5/2016
  • How do we make Te Whāriki visible in Playcentre? Playcentres are often asked how they link their work in Playcentre to Te Whāriki. Are you expected to make overt links by writing a strand and a goal on each learning story or can we achieve this in different ways?
    Posted: 6/5/2016
  • At Playcentre we need to learn more about emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum as a thoughtful response to children's play to encourage more complex play. At Playcentre 'on the hop responses' are often referred to as emergent curriculum, but emergent curriculum is so much more than on the hop responses. Thanks to our low ratios and having a wide range of experts in our centres, we are very well suited to deliver amazing emergent curriculum programmes.
    Posted: 6/5/2016