Weekly Panui for Playcentre whānau

  • As there year disappears quickly and the amalgamation process gains more and more momentum, we are discovering still so much to achieve. The aim of all staff of CPA is and always will be - to provide the best service possible so centre whanau can play with their tamariki. This is the very essence of Playcentre. Play. Have Fun. Enjoy the children and delight in their ages and stages!
    Posted: 19/11/2017
  • Term 3 is drawing to a close but still plenty going on. Read on to find out about some fun school holiday happenings, education opportunities and an important meeting being held early term 4.
    Posted: 26/9/2017
  • Here is the latest Good Chat going on in Playcentre. Don't forget to be checking the CPA website for all the latest information and updates. Take advantage of the spring days - find an explorer session or how about take the children out and about on a trip.
    Posted: 14/9/2017
  • Have you been enjoying this gorgeous spring sunshine? In this issue of the Playcentre Panui you will find what one adventurous centre did in the winter holidays, all the latest workshops to help navigate your centre to the top and a yummy healthy fundraiser. Read on!
    Posted: 29/8/2017
  • Even though it poured down yesterday and floods threatened in places, we can see the signs of spring fast approaching - a really exciting time of the year! In this issue of the panui you will find cool Playcentre stories and things to do to keep centres running smoothly. Happy Playcentre days!
    Posted: 15/8/2017
  • The year is half way through and still much to do. Is you centre working towards whanau led sessions? To support this vision there are numerous course 2 workshop blocks being offered all over the province. Please consider taking part to gain all sorts of new knowledge and skills. Read on to find out where.
    Posted: 1/8/2017
  • How does your centre operate? In this issue, read about being a cooperative Whanau Led Playcentre. Next week is General Hui time and then you and your tamariki can wind back for two weeks and recharge the batteries.
    Posted: 26/6/2017
  • Week 7 - this term is racing on. In this issue you will discover its Matariki time and cool ideas for celebrating this special event. Get your sparkle on! Read on to find out about the challenge laid down in Education! Winter weather can be special too. Rug up and go explore the outdoors, Enjoy!
    Posted: 12/6/2017
  • Week 5 already - and winter on Thursday! Read here what's coming up and what needs to be done.
    Posted: 29/5/2017
  • I am continually impressed by all the amazing, talented and dedicated people I deal with at centres - people committing their time and energy to creating awesome experiences for all our Playcentre children - from joining in the Education programme to supporting others to achieve, taking care with patience and kindness. You are all stars! Keep up this fantastic effort - its what make Playcentre strong. I hope all the Mums were treated to a special day on Sunday. In this issue you will find heaps of information - education matters, all about Matariki and lots more. Read on.
    Posted: 16/5/2017
  • Welcome back to Playcentre. Holidays are always fun - however we have hit the ground running again today - there is so much we want to achieve this term. As Association staff we wish to support, nurture and grow each and every one of our Canterbury centres to be the best they can possibly be. If you or your centre needs support on the Playcentre journey - please ask. If we don't know we can't help! In this first issue of the panui for Term 2 you will find loads of things coming up - read on. Above all - enjoy all that the autumn season has to offer and have FUN out there!
    Posted: 1/5/2017
  • Wow - only 4 more days of term one! Time has raced by with heaps of cool stuff, fun and mahi happening in our centres. In this last issue of the Panui for Term 1, you can find information on grants available to apply for, surveys to complete to help us improve services to centres, and a few compliance checks that needs taken care of. In the holidays - take a break, experience the Autumn season, enjoy your awesome tamariki, and maybe even spoil them with some chocolate from the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter everyone!
    Posted: 6/4/2017
  • In this issue of the Canterbury Playcentre Panui you will find links to lots of cool stuff that happened on GGOT - The Greatest Game of Tag. Check it out! Find out about visiting Essie Rest Home and we need your help with a quick survey. You will also find useful information about grants, first aid and much more. Take a look.
    Posted: 23/3/2017
  • Its been Playcentre Awareness Week and in this panui you can see how we in Canterbury have been celebrating and raising our profile with the Greatest Game of Tag. Keep checking Facebook to keep up with the Game and come out to Play!
    Posted: 3/3/2017
  • In this panui you can read all about the exciting celebrations for the Greatest Game of Tag....Are you in? #Cool Story from beautiful Akaroa, up coming workshops and how the Playcentre community is rallying together for one of their own.
    Posted: 24/2/2017
  • In this Panui you will information about the Greatest Game of Tag, cool stories about doing Course 2 and St Albans making magic Playcentre balls to get ready for The Greatest Game of Tag, sign up for a Playcentre leadership programme, a to do list for Term 1 and information about discretionary funding applications. Happy reading!
    Posted: 20/2/2017
  • In this panui you will find information about cool Playcentre stories, giving us feedback to review our communication and marketing strategy, and information about using Basecamp next year.
    Posted: 13/12/2016
  • In this panui you can read about Redwood Playcentre playing with fire, important information about the Walk to Playcentre, AGM information, a vacancy for a graphics designer, and more.
    Posted: 2/11/2016