What needs doing when?

At Playcentre we would like to help you focus on more play and less work. A good to do list can help you to manage your workload and have fun at Playcentre. Delegate the jobs. Many hands make light work.
At Playcentre there is a number of regular task - things that get done every day, week, month or term - and jobs that only get done once a year in a specific month. See the regular tasks and monthly tasks here.
Remember that you do have an association team to support you. If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with all the jobs that needs doing talk to your Centre Support team member and they will arrange some support for you.



  • Complete daily attendance register
  • Duty team manage sessions
  • Health and safety checks
  • Document children's learning


  • Add new centre whānau to the roll
  • Complete enrolment and registration forms for new centre whānau
  • Manage centre snail mail
  • Manage centre emails - keep updated email list for your centre whānau
  • Maintain your Facebook or other social media groups
  • Post to your Facebook and/or Instagram page to promote your centre


  • Pay accounts
  • Hold a Centre hui [can be bi-monthly]
  • Write and distribute centre hui minutes
  • Review policies as per CPA schedule [these will be sent out to you]
  • Buy consumables as required
  • Complete centre maintenance as required


  • Mangage the roll - recruit new centre whānau if  your roll gets low
  • Confirm duty teams and session supervision requirements
  • Gather fees
  • Comple fire and earthqake drills - fire drills are completed 10am every day in week 4
  • Update the relievers list
  • Review supervision approval [qualifications and first aid certificates]
  • Manage Course 1 enrollments, discussions & completions
  • Support Course 2, 3 and 4 students
  • Organise community events to promote your centre
  • Organise fundraising events to promote your centre and raise funds
  • Distribute newsletter to the community
  • Coordinate termly clean-up, resource check and first aid check 
  • Organise PD workers and floor cleaning
  • Attend termly association and/or zone hui


  • Get ready for Playcentre!
  • Self review: Decide on a focus and gather information
  • Ensure civil defense kit is up to date
  • Grants: Rata foundation
  • Annual health and safety audit
  • Organise Matariki
  • Self review: Make sense and decide on actions
  • Complete MOE bulk funding
  • Complete property audit
  • Matariki celebrations
  • Self review: Reflect, review and revisit
  • Complete RS61P Statistic form
  • Grant: COGS
  • Complete annual centre health audit - using the butterfly effect
  • Evaluate the progress on goals and objectives for the year and set goals and objectives for the following year
  • Grant: CCT [In Canterbury, will be different for each region]
  • Organise centre AGM
  • Send centre accounts to the auditor
  • Develop a budget for the following year
  • Grant: NZ Post application
  • Complete MOE bulk funding
  • Complete equipment audit
  • Hold centre AGM
  • Write centre report for association AGM
  • Grant: Lots for Tots
  • Self review: Celebrate success & progress
  • Organise end of year celebration
  • Review annual operational plan for next year
  • Complete MOE bulk funding