Is Playcentre right for me?

  • Playcentre was always on my radar- my mum took me as a kid. My main memory is shared apple slices bobbing in water and mums with perms. I met my best friend at Playcentre and we used to sneak off to practise bad words together.
    Posted: 12/4/2017
  • A beautiful snapshot of the wonder of playing, learning, being creative, taking risks and having fun at Playcentre.
    Posted: 13/3/2016
  • For 75 years Playcentres, a volunteer-based movement, has pushed the boundaries of learning in New Zealand, with philosophies of child-led play and a belief that parents are the child's first and best educators.
    Posted: 11/3/2016
  • Considering checking out your local Playcentre? Mother of two Heather Lyall dispels five common myths about these parent-led early childhood centres
    Posted: 28/2/2016
  • I started going to Avonhead Playcentre in 2009 when my second child, Ashley, was 14 months old. I had previously only been a daycare mum, with my oldest Dominick (now 11) and knew little about Playcentre.
    Posted: 28/2/2016