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Rauaruhe (pronounced row-a-roo-hi)

Course 1 and Ruauaruhe are both valued for providing students and tangata whenua with a staple food source and base knowledge of Playcentre philosophy and practice.  Rauaruha can be found in many areas of Waitaha (Canterbury) and is available all year round.  Course 1 is also available all year round and in every Playcentre within Canterbury. 


Ka ora karikari aruhe,
ka mate tariki kaka

Fernroot diggers enjoy good health
while parrot snares die


Course One aims to introduce you to Playcentre Philosophy and practice as well as the New Zealand curriculum statement
Te Whariki.

On completion of this course you will be able to participate in your centre as part of the supervision team.  This is an exciting step to achieve, an important move in your quest for lifelong learning and invaluable for your Playcentre.  To work closely together with the whanau of the children in your centre and to have input in important decisions abour your child's learning will add experience and enhance your life.

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